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Cubas National Anthem (in english):

Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo,

For the homeland looks proudly to you.

You do not fear a glorious death,

Because to die for the country is to live.

To live in chains

Is to live in dishonour and ignominy.

Hear the clarion call,

Hasten, brave ones, to battle

Cuba also Has a Population of about 11,394,043 according to an estimation made in july 2007

Yep This is Cuba <=this is A Map Of cuba its in the carribean and we cant go directly to it

Not as good as the Puerto Rican Flag<=this Is the Cuban Flag its red white and blue

WOrld Famous <=these are cuban Cigars, apparently they're preety good

This Guy is Bad<= this is Fidel Castro :( the leader of cuba